562B.27  Remedies for abandonment--required registration.

1.  A tenant is considered to have abandoned a mobile home when the tenant has been absent from the mobile home without reasonable explanation for thirty days or more during which time there is either a default of rent three days after rent is due, or the rental agreement is terminated pursuant to section 562B.25. A tenant's return to the mobile home does not change its status as abandoned unless the tenant pays to the landlord all costs incurred for the mobile home space, including costs of removal, storage, notice, attorneys' fees, and all rent and utilities due and owing.

2.  When a mobile home is abandoned on a mobile home space:

a.  If a tenant abandons a mobile home on a mobile home space, the landlord shall notify the mobile home owner or other claimant of the mobile home and communicate to that person that the person is liable for any costs incurred for the mobile home space, including rent and utilities due and owing. However, the person is only liable for costs incurred ninety days before the landlord's communication. After the landlord's communication, costs for which liability is incurred shall then become the responsibility of the mobile home owner or other claimant of the mobile home. The mobile home shall not be removed from the mobile home space without a signed written agreement from the landlord showing clearance for removal, and that all debts are paid in full, or an agreement reached with the mobile home owner or other claimant and the landlord.

b.  If there is no lien on the mobile home other than a lien for taxes, the landlord may follow the procedure in chapter 555B to dispose of the mobile home.

c.  An action pursuant to chapter 555B may be combined with an action for possession under chapter 648 or an action for damages under section 562B.30.

3.  A required standardized registration form shall be filled out by each tenant upon the rental of a mobile home space, showing the mobile home make, year, serial number, and also showing if the mobile home is paid for, if there is a lien on the mobile home, and if so the lienholder, and the name of the legal owner of the mobile home. The registration forms shall be kept on file with the landlord as long as the mobile home is on the mobile home space within the mobile home park. The tenant shall give notice to the landlord within ten days of any new lien, change of existing lien, or settlement of lien.

Section History: Early form

  [C79, 81, § 562B.27; 81 Acts, ch 183, § 1]

Section History: Recent form

  83 Acts, ch 102, § 1; 88 Acts, ch 1138, §16; 93 Acts, ch 154, §16, 17

Internal References

  Referred to in § 555B.1, 555B.2, 555C.1, 555C.2, 562B.13, 648.19

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