558.69  Reporting of wells, disposal sites, underground storage tanks, and hazardous waste--liability.

With each declaration of value submitted to the county recorder under chapter 428A, there shall also be submitted a statement that no known wells are situated on the property, or if known wells are situated on the property, the statement must state the approximate location of each known well and its status with respect to section 159.29 or 455B.190. The statement shall also state that no known disposal site for solid waste, as defined in section 455B.301, which has been deemed to be potentially hazardous by the department of natural resources, exists on the property, or if such a known disposal site does exist, the location of the site on the property. The statement shall additionally state that no known underground storage tank, as defined in section 455B.471, subsection 11, exists on the property, or if a known underground storage tank does exist, the type and size of the tank, and any known substance in the tank. The statement shall also state that no known hazardous waste as defined in section 455B.411, subsection 3, or listed by the department pursuant to section 455B.412, subsection 2, or section 455B.464, exists on the property, or if known hazardous waste does exist, that the waste is being managed in accordance with rules adopted by the department of natural resources. The statement shall be signed by at least one of the sellers or their agents. The county recorder shall refuse to record any deed, instrument, or writing for which a declaration of value is required under chapter 428A unless the statement required by this section has been submitted to the county recorder. A buyer of property shall be provided with a copy of the statement submitted, and, following the fulfillment of this provision, if the statement submitted reveals no well, disposal site, underground storage tank, or hazardous waste on the property, the county recorder may destroy the statement. The land application of sludges or soils resulting from the remediation of underground storage tank releases accomplished in compliance with department of natural resources rules without a permit is not required to be reported as the disposal of solid waste or hazardous waste.

If a declaration of value is not required, the above information shall be submitted on a separate form. The director of the department of natural resources shall prescribe the form of the statement and the separate form to be supplied by each county recorder in the state. The county recorder shall transmit the statements to the department of natural resources at times directed by the director of the department.

The owner of the property is responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted on the form. The owner's agent shall not be liable for the accuracy of information provided by the owner of the property. The provisions of this paragraph do not limit liability which may be imposed under a contract or under any other law.

Section History: Recent form

  87 Acts, ch 225, §307; 88 Acts, ch 1169, §16, 17; 90 Acts, ch 1235, § 42

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