537B.4  Aftermarket parts.

1.  As used in this section:

a.  "Aftermarket crash part" means a replacement for any of the nonmechanical sheet metal or plastic parts which generally constitute the exterior of a motor vehicle, including inner and outer panels, which replacement is not manufactured or marketed by the original equipment manufacturer of the motor vehicle. Aftermarket crash part does not include replacement glass for the windows, windshield, or backlight of the motor vehicle.

b.  "Motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle as defined in section 321.1 which is subject to registration.

c.  "Repair facility" means a motor vehicle dealer, garage, body shop, or other person, which undertakes the repair or replacement of those parts of a motor vehicle that generally constitute the exterior of a motor vehicle for a fee.

2.  A repair facility shall not use aftermarket crash parts in the repair of a customer's motor vehicle without disclosing the proposed use of such parts in the estimate of repairs given to the customer prior to the repair of the motor vehicle. The estimate shall be in writing and shall clearly identify each part proposed to be used which is an aftermarket crash part. The following information shall appear in ten point type, or larger, on or attached to the estimate: 

"This estimate has been prepared based on the use of aftermarket crash parts supplied by a source other than the manufacturer of your motor vehicle. Any warranties applicable to these replacement parts are provided by the manufacturer or distributor of these parts rather than the manufacturer of your vehicle." 

3.  An aftermarket crash part supplied for use in this state after January 1, 1991, shall have affixed or inscribed upon the part the logo or name of its manufacturer. A repair facility installing an aftermarket crash part on a motor vehicle shall install the part so that the manufacturer's logo or name is visible upon inspection after installation whenever practicable.

4.  It is a deceptive act or practice for a repair facility or manufacturer or distributor of aftermarket crash parts to fail to comply with the requirements of this section.

Section History: Recent form

  90 Acts, ch 1010, § 4; 90 Acts, ch 145, § 14

Internal References

  Referred to in § 714.16

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