53.2  Application for ballot.

Any registered voter, under the circumstances specified in section 53.1, may on any day, except election day, and not more than seventy days prior to the date of the election, apply in person for an absentee ballot at the commissioner's office or at any location designated by the commissioner, or make written application to the commissioner for an absentee ballot. The state commissioner shall prescribe a form for absentee ballot applications. However, if a registered voter submits an application that includes all of the information required in this section, the prescribed form is not required. Absentee ballot applications may include instructions to send the application directly to the county commissioner of elections. However, no absentee ballot application shall be preaddressed or printed with instructions to send the applications to anyone other than the appropriate commissioner.

No absentee ballot application shall be preaddressed or printed with instructions to send the ballot to anyone other than the voter.

This section does not require that a written communication mailed to the commissioner's office to request an absentee ballot, or any other document be notarized as a prerequisite to receiving or marking an absentee ballot or returning to the commissioner an absentee ballot which has been voted.

Each application shall contain the name and signature of the registered voter, the address at which the voter is registered to vote, and the name or date of the election for which the absentee ballot is requested, and such other information as may be necessary to determine the correct absentee ballot for the registered voter. If insufficient information has been provided, the commissioner shall, by the best means available, obtain the additional necessary information.

An application for a primary election ballot which specifies a party different from that recorded on the registered voter's voter registration record shall be accepted as a change or declaration of party affiliation. The commissioner shall approve the change or declaration and enter a notation of the change on the registration records. A notice shall be sent with the ballot requested informing the voter that the voter's registration record will be changed to show that the voter is now affiliated with the party whose ballot the voter requested.

If an application for an absentee ballot is received from an eligible elector who is not a registered voter the commissioner shall send a registration form under section 48A.8 and an absentee ballot to the eligible elector. If the application is received so late that it is unlikely that the registration form can be returned in time to be effective on election day, the commissioner shall enclose with the absentee ballot a notice to that effect, informing the voter of the registration time limits in section 48A.9. The commissioner shall record on the elector's application that the elector is not currently registered to vote. If the registration form is properly returned by the time provided by section 48A.9, the commissioner shall record on the elector's application the date of receipt of the registration form and enter a notation of the registration on the registration records.

A registered voter who has not moved from the county in which the elector is registered to vote may submit a change of name, telephone number, or address on the form prescribed in section 48A.8 when casting an absentee ballot. Upon receipt of a properly completed form, the commissioner shall enter a notation of the change on the registration records.

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 53.22, 53.39, 53.45, 53.49

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