484B.4  Application and license requirements.

1.  A person who owns or controls by lease or otherwise for five or more years, a contiguous tract of land having an area of not less than three hundred twenty acres, and who desires to establish a hunting preserve, to propagate and sell game birds and their young or unhatched eggs, and shoot game birds and ungulates on the land, under this chapter or the rules of the commission, shall make application to the department for an operator's license. The application shall be made under oath of the applicant or under oath of one of its principal officers if the applicant is an association, corporation, or copartnership. Under the authority of this license, any property or facilities to be used for propagating, holding, processing, or pasturing of game birds or ungulates shall not be required to be contained within the contiguous land area used for hunting purposes. The application shall be accompanied by an operator's license fee of two hundred dollars.

2.  Upon receipt of an application, the department or its authorized agent shall inspect the proposed hunting preserve and facilities described in the application. If the department finds that the proposed hunting preserve meets the following requirements, the department may approve the application and issue a hunting preserve operator's license for the operation of the property and facilities described in the application with the rights and subject to the limitations in this chapter and the rules adopted by the commission:

a.  The proposed hunting preserve contains at least three hundred twenty acres but not more than two thousand five hundred sixty acres.

b.  The area of the proposed hunting preserve is contiguous.

c.  There is no other licensed hunting preserve in the township.

d.  The total area of all licensed hunting preserves and the proposed hunting preserve will not exceed three percent of the land area of the county.

e.  The game birds or ungulates released on the preserve will not be detrimental to wildlife.

f.  The proposed hunting preserve will not interfere with the normal activities of migratory birds.

3.  All hunting preserve operator's licenses shall expire on March 31 of each year.

Section History: Recent form

  92 Acts, ch 1160, § 4

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