455B.301  Definitions.

As used in this part 1 of division IV, unless the context clearly indicates a contrary intent:

1.  "Actual cost" means the operational, remedial and emergency action, closure, postclosure, and monitoring costs of a sanitary disposal project for the lifetime of the project.

2.  "Beverage" means wine as defined in section 123.3, subsection 37, alcoholic liquor as defined in section 123.3, subsection 5, beer as defined in section 123.3, subsection 7, wine cooler or drink, tea, potable water, soda water and similar carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, or fruit or vegetable drinks, which are intended for human consumption.

3.  "Beverage container" means a sealed glass, plastic, or metal bottle, can, jar, or carton containing a beverage.

4.  "Biodegradable" means degradable through a process by which fungi or bacteria secrete enzymes to convert a complex molecular structure to simple gasses and organic compounds.

5.  "Closure" means actions that will prevent, mitigate, or minimize the threat to public health and the environment posed by a closed sanitary landfill, including, but not limited to, application of final cover, grading and seeding of final cover, installation of an adequate monitoring system, and construction of ground and surface water diversion structures, if necessary.

6.  "Closure plan" means the plan which specifies the methods and schedule by which an operator will complete or cease disposal operations of a sanitary disposal project, prepare the area for long-term care, and make the area suitable for other uses.

7.  "Degradable" means capable of decomposing by biodegradation, photodegradation, or chemical process into harmless component parts after exposure to natural elements for not more than three hundred sixty-five days.

8.  "Financial assurance instrument" means an instrument submitted by an applicant to ensure the operator's financial capability to provide reasonable and necessary response during the lifetime of the project and for the thirty years following closure, and to provide for the closure of the facility and postclosure care required by rules adopted by the commission in the event that the operator fails to correctly perform closure and postclosure care requirements. The form may include the establishment of a secured trust fund, use of a cash or surety bond, or the obtaining of an irrevocable letter of credit.

8A.  "Incinerator" means any enclosed device using controlled flame combustion that does not meet the criteria for classification as a boiler and is not listed as an industrial furnace. "Incinerator" does not include thermal oxidizers used for the treatment of gas emissions.

9.  "Leachate" means fluid that has percolated through solid waste and which contains contaminants consisting of dissolved or suspended materials, chemicals, or microbial waste products from the solid waste.

10.  "Lifetime of the project" means the projected period of years that a landfill will receive waste, from the time of opening until closure, based on the volume of waste to be received projected at the time of submittal of the initial project plan and the calculated refuse capacity of the landfill based upon the design of the project.

11.  "Manufacturer" means a person who by labor, art, or skill transforms raw material into a finished product or article of trade.

12.  "Photodegradable" means degradable through a process in which ultraviolet radiation in sunlight causes a chemical change in a material.

13.  "Postclosure" and "postclosure care" mean the time and actions taken for the care, maintenance, and monitoring of a sanitary disposal project after closure that will prevent, mitigate, or minimize the threat to public health, safety, and welfare and the threat to the environment posed by the closed facility.

14.  "Postclosure plan" means the plan which specifies the methods and schedule by which the operator will perform the necessary monitoring and care for the area after closure of a sanitary disposal project.

15.  "Private agency" means a private agency as defined in section 28E.2.

16.  "Public agency" means a public agency as defined in section 28E.2.

17.  "Resource recovery system" means the recovery and separation of ferrous metals and nonferrous metals and glass and aluminum and the preparation and burning of solid waste as fuel for the production of electricity.

18.  "Sanitary disposal project" means all facilities and appurtenances including all real and personal property connected with such facilities, which are acquired, purchased, constructed, reconstructed, equipped, improved, extended, maintained, or operated to facilitate the final disposition of solid waste without creating a significant hazard to the public health or safety, and which are approved by the executive director.

19.  "Sanitary landfill" means a sanitary disposal project where solid waste is buried between layers of earth.

20.  "Solid waste" means garbage, refuse, rubbish, and other similar discarded solid or semisolid materials, including but not limited to such materials resulting from industrial, commercial, agricultural, and domestic activities. Solid waste may include vehicles, as defined by section 321.1, subsection 90. However, this division does not prohibit the use of dirt, stone, brick, or similar inorganic material for fill, landscaping, excavation or grading at places other than a sanitary disposal project. Solid waste does not include hazardous waste as defined in section 455B.411 or source, special nuclear, or by-product material as defined in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended to January 1, 1979, or petroleum contaminated soil which has been remediated to acceptable state or federal standards.

Section History: Early form

  [C71, § 406.2; C73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 455B.75]

Section History: Recent form

  C83, § 455B.301

  85 Acts, ch 241, §1, 2; 86 Acts, ch 1175, § 1; 87 Acts, ch 225, §404; 88 Acts, ch 1182, § 1; 90 Acts, ch 1168, § 50; 91 Acts, ch 252, § 4; 92 Acts, ch 1182, § 1

Internal References

  Referred to in § 159.30, 331.441, 331.461, 455B.482, 455D.3, 455E.11, 558.69

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