452A.18  Refund permit.

A person shall not claim a refund under section 452A.17 or section 452A.21 until the person has obtained a refund permit from the department. A special permit shall be obtained by an applicant claiming a refund under this chapter for motor fuel used to blend ethanol blended gasoline. Application for a refund permit shall be made to the department, shall be certified by the applicant under penalty for false certificate, and shall contain among other things, the name, address, and occupation of the applicant, the nature of the applicant's business, and a sufficient description for identification of the machines and equipment in which the motor fuel or undyed special fuel is to be used. Each permit shall bear a separate number and each claim for refund shall bear the number of the permit under which it is made. The department shall keep a permanent record of all permits issued and a cumulative record of the amount of refund claimed and paid under each. A refund permit shall continue in effect until it is revoked or becomes invalid.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

  86 Acts, ch 1241, § 6; 88 Acts, ch 1205, § 7; 91 Acts, ch 87, §7

  C93, § 452A.18

  95 Acts, ch 155, §25, 44

Internal References

  Referred to in § 422.110, 452A.19, 452A.21


  1995 amendments effective January 1, 1996; 95 Acts, ch 155, §44

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