452A.12  Loading and delivery evidence on transportation equipment.

1.  A serially numbered manifest shall be carried on every vehicle, except small tank wagons, while in use in transportation service, on which shall be entered the following information as to the cargo of motor fuel or special fuel being moved in the vehicle:  The date and place of loading, the place to be unloaded, the person for whom it is to be delivered, the nature and kind of product, the amount of product, and other information required by the department. The manifest for small tank wagons shall be retained at the home office. The manifest covering each load transported, upon consummation of the delivery, shall be completed by showing the date and place of actual delivery and the person to whom actually delivered and shall be kept as a permanent record for a period of three years. However, the record of the manifest of past cargoes need not be carried on the conveyance but shall be preserved by the carrier for inspection by the department. A carrier subject to this subsection when distributing for a licensee may with the approval of the department substitute the loading and delivery evidence required in subsection 2 for the manifest.

2.  A person while transporting motor fuel or undyed special fuel from a refinery or marine or pipeline terminal in this state or from a point outside this state over the highways of this state in service other than that under subsection 1 shall carry in the vehicle a loading invoice showing the name and address of the seller or consignor, the date and place of loading, and the kind and quantity of motor fuel or special fuel loaded, together with invoices showing the kind and quantity of each delivery and the name and address of each purchaser or consignee.

Section History: Early form

  [C35, § 5093-f19; C39, § 5093.19; C46, 50, 54, § 324.34, 324.35; C58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 324.12]

Section History: Recent form

  84 Acts, ch 1174, § 1

  C93, § 452A.12

  95 Acts, ch 155, §22, 44


  1995 amendments effective January 1, 1996; 95 Acts, ch 155, §44

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