427B.4  Application for exemption by property owner.

An application shall be filed for each project resulting in actual value added for which an exemption is claimed. The application for exemption shall be filed by the owner of the property with the local assessor by February 1 of the assessment year in which the value added is first assessed for taxation. Applications for exemption shall be made on forms prescribed by the director of revenue and shall contain information pertaining to the nature of the improvement, its cost, and other information deemed necessary by the director of revenue.

A person may submit a proposal to the city council of the city or the board of supervisors of a county to receive prior approval for eligibility for a tax exemption on new construction. The city council or the board of supervisors, by ordinance, may give its prior approval of a tax exemption for new construction if the new construction is in conformance with the zoning plans for the city or county. The prior approval shall also be subject to the hearing requirements of section 427B.1. Prior approval does not entitle the owner to exemption from taxation until the new construction has been completed and found to be qualified real estate. However, if the tax exemption for new construction is not approved, the person may submit an amended proposal to the city council or board of supervisors to approve or reject.

Section History: Early form

  [C81, § 427B.4; 82 Acts, ch 1104, § 24]

Internal References

  Referred to in § 427.1(27), 427B.7, 427B.17

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