422E.3  Collection of tax.

1.  If a majority of those voting on the question of imposition of a local sales and services tax for school infrastructure purposes favors imposition of the tax, the tax shall be imposed by the county board of supervisors within the county pursuant to section 422E.2, at the rate specified for a ten-year duration on the gross receipts taxed by the state under chapter 422, division IV.

2.  The tax shall be imposed on the same basis as the state sales and services tax and shall not be imposed on the sale of any property or on any service not taxed by the state, except the tax shall not be imposed on the gross receipts from the sale of motor fuel or special fuel as defined in chapter 452A, on the gross receipts from the rental of rooms, apartments, or sleeping quarters which are taxed under chapter 422A during the period the hotel and motel tax is imposed, on the gross receipts from the sale of equipment by the state department of transportation, and on the gross receipts from the sale of a lottery ticket or share in a lottery game conducted pursuant to chapter 99E.

3.  The tax is applicable to transactions within the county where it is imposed and shall be collected by all persons required to collect state gross receipts taxes. The amount of the sale, for purposes of determining the amount of the tax, does not include the amount of any state gross receipts taxes or other local option sales taxes. A tax permit other than the state tax permit required under section 422.53 shall not be required by local authorities.

4.  The director of revenue and finance shall credit tax receipts and interest and penalties from the local sales and services tax for school infrastructure purposes to an account within the county's local sales and services tax fund, as created in section 422B.10, subsection 1, maintained in the name of the school district or school districts located within the county. If the director is unable to determine from which county any of the receipts were collected, those receipts shall be allocated among the possible counties based on allocation rules adopted by the director.

5. a.  The director of revenue and finance within fifteen days of the beginning of each fiscal year shall send to each school district where the tax is imposed an estimate of the amount of tax moneys each school district will receive for the year and for each month of the year. At the end of each month, the director may revise the estimates for the year and remaining months.

b.  The director shall remit ninety-five percent of the estimated tax receipts for the school district to the school district on or before August 31 of the fiscal year and on or before the last day of each following month.

c.  The director shall remit a final payment of the remainder of tax moneys due for the fiscal year before November 10 of the next fiscal year. If an overpayment has resulted during the previous fiscal year, the first payment of the new fiscal year shall be adjusted to reflect any overpayment.

If more than one school district, or a portion of a school district, is located within the county, tax receipts shall be remitted to each school district or portion of a school district in which the county tax is imposed in a pro rata share based upon the ratio which the percentage of actual enrollment for the school district that attends school in the county bears to the percentage of the total combined actual enrollments for all school districts that attend school in the county. The combined actual enrollment for a county, for purposes of this section, shall be determined for each county imposing a sales and services tax for school infrastructure purposes by the department of management based on the actual enrollment figures reported by October 1 to the department of management by the department of education pursuant to section 257.6, subsection 1. The combined actual enrollment count shall be forwarded to the director of the department of management by March 1, annually, for purposes of supplying estimated tax payment figures and making estimated tax payments pursuant to this section for the following fiscal year.

6.  The local sales and services tax for school infrastructure purposes shall be administered as provided in section 422B.9.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1130, §3, 6

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