372.8  Council-manager form--supervision.

When a city adopts a council-manager-at-large or council-manager-ward form of government:

1.  The city manager is the chief administrative officer of the city.

2.  The city manager shall:

a.  Supervise enforcement and execution of the city laws.

b.  Attend all meetings of the council.

c.  Recommend to the council any measures necessary or expedient for the good government and welfare of the city.

d.  Supervise the official conduct of all officers of the city appointed by the manager, and take active control of the police, fire, and engineering departments of the city.

e.  Supervise the performance of all contracts for work to be done for the city, make all purchases of material and supplies, and see that such material and supplies are received, and are of the quality and character called for by the contract.

f.  Supervise the construction, improvement, repair, maintenance, and management of all city property, capital improvements, and undertakings of the city, including the making and preservation of all surveys, maps, plans, drawings, specifications, and estimates for capital improvements, except property, improvements, and undertakings managed by a utility board of trustees.

g.  Co-operate with any administrative agency or utility board of trustees.

h.  Be responsible for the cleaning, sprinkling, and lighting of streets, alleys, and public places, and the collection and disposal of waste.

i.  Provide for and cause records to be kept of the issuance and revocation of licenses and permits authorized by city law.

j.  Keep the council fully advised of the financial and other conditions of the city, and of its future needs.

k.  Prepare and submit to the council annually the required budgets.

l.  Conduct the business affairs of the city and cause accurate records to be kept by modern and efficient accounting methods.

m.  Make to the council not later than the tenth day of each month an itemized financial report in writing, showing the receipts and disbursements for the preceding month. Copies of financial reports must be available at the clerk's office for public distribution.

n.  Appoint a treasurer subject to the approval of the council.

o.  Perform other duties at the council's direction.

3.  The city manager may:

a.  Appoint administrative assistants, with the approval of the council.

b.  Employ, reclassify, or discharge all employees and fix their compensation, subject to civil service provisions and chapter 35C, except the city clerk, deputy city clerk, and city attorneys.

c.  Make all appointments not otherwise provided for.

d.  Suspend or discharge summarily any officer, appointee, or employee whom the manager has power to appoint or employ, subject to civil service provisions and chapter 35C.

e.  Summarily and without notice investigate the affairs and conduct of any department, agency, officer, or employee under the manager's supervision, and compel the production of evidence and attendance of witnesses.

f.  Administer oaths.

4.  The city manager shall not take part in any election for council members, other than by casting a vote, and shall not appoint a council member to city office or employment, nor shall a council member accept such appointment.

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