372.5  Commission form.

A city governed by the commission form has five departments as follows:

1.  Department of public affairs.

2.  Department of accounts and finances.

3.  Department of public safety.

4.  Department of streets and public improvements.

5.  Department of parks and public property.

A city governed by the commission form has a council composed of a mayor and four council members elected at large, unless the council representation plan is changed pursuant to section 372.13, subsection 11. The mayor administers the department of public affairs and each other council member is elected to administer one of the other four departments.

However, a city governed, on July 1, 1975, by the commission form and having a council composed of a mayor and two council members elected at large may continue with a council of three until the form of government is changed as provided in section 372.2 or section 372.9 or without changing the form, may submit to the voters the question of increasing the council to five members assigned to the five departments as set out in this section.

The mayor shall supervise the administration of all departments and report to the council all matters requiring its attention. The mayor is a member of the council and may vote on all matters before the council.

The council member elected to administer the department of accounts and finances is mayor pro tem.

The council may appoint a city treasurer or may, by ordinance, provide for election of that officer.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 372.13

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