368.7A  Secondary road annexation.

1.  The board of supervisors of each affected county shall notify the city development board of the existence of that portion of any secondary road which extends to the center line but has not become part of the city by annexation and has a common boundary with a city. The notification shall include a legal description and a map identifying the location of the secondary road. The city development board shall provide notice and an opportunity to be heard to each city in or next to which the secondary road is located. The city development board shall certify that the notification is correct and declare the road, or portion of the road extending to the center line, annexed to the city as of the date of certification. This section is not intended to interfere with or modify existing chapter 28E agreements on jurisdictional transfer of roads, or continuing negotiations between jurisdictions.

2.  The remaining title and interest of a county in any secondary road or portion of the road which has been annexed by a city is transferred to the annexing city on July 1, 1993. The title and interest of a county in any secondary road which is annexed by a city after July 1, 1993, is transferred to the city upon the effective date of the annexation.

Section History: Recent form

  93 Acts, ch 152, § 5

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