357E.1  Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1.  "Board" means the board of supervisors of a county, or the joint boards of supervisors of two or more counties, in which a district has been incorporated and organized or is proposed to be incorporated and organized.

2.  "District" means a benefited recreational lake district incorporated and organized pursuant to this chapter.

3.  "Recreational facilities" includes, but is not limited to, real and personal property, water, buildings, structures, or improvements including dams or other structures permitted or exempt from regulation under chapter 455B, and equipment useful and suitable for recreation programs, including those programs customarily identified with the term "recreation" such as public sports, games, pastimes, diversions, and amusement, on land or water and including community center houses, recreation grounds, recreation buildings, juvenile playgrounds, swimming pools, recreation centers, parks, lakes, and golf courses, and the acquisition of real estate for them.

4.  "Trustee" means a member of the board of trustees of a district.

Section History: Recent form

  88 Acts, ch 1194, §1

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