354.6  Subdivision plats.

1.  A subdivision plat shall be made when a tract of land is subdivided by repeated divisions or simultaneous division into three or more parcels, any of which are described by metes and bounds description for which no plat of survey is recorded. A subdivision plat is not required when land is divided by conveyance to a governmental agency for public improvements.

2.  A subdivision plat shall have a succinct name or title that is unique, as approved by the auditor, for the county in which the plat lies. The plat shall include an accurate description of the land included in the subdivision and shall give reference to two section corners within the United States public land survey system in which the plat lies or, if the plat is a subdivision of any portion of an official plat, two established monuments within the official plat. Each lot within the plat shall be assigned a progressive number. Streets, alleys, parks, open areas, school property, other areas of public use, or areas within the plat that are set aside for future development shall be assigned a progressive letter and shall have the proposed use clearly designated. A strip of land shall not be reserved by the subdivider unless the land is of sufficient size and shape to be of practical use or service as determined by the governing body. Progressive block numbers or letters may be assigned to groups of lots separated from other lots by streets or other physical features of the land. The surveyor shall not assign lot numbers or letters to a lot shown within a subdivision plat unless the lot has been surveyed by the surveyor in compliance with chapter 355. The auditor may note a permanent real estate index number upon each lot within a subdivision plat. Sufficient information, including dimensions and angles or bearings, shall be shown on the plat to accurately establish the boundaries of each lot, street, and easement. Easements necessary for the orderly development of the land within the plat shall be shown and the purpose of the easement shall be clearly stated.

3.  If a subdivision plat, described as part of the United States public land survey system and not entirely within an official plat, lies within more than one forty-acre aliquot part of a section, the acreage shall be shown only for assessment and taxation purposes for the portion of the subdivision that lies within each forty-acre aliquot part of the section. The area of the irregular lots within the plat shall be shown and may be expressed in either acres, to the nearest one-hundredth acre, or square feet, to the nearest ten square feet. The surveyor shall not be required to establish the location of a forty-acre aliquot line by survey but is required to use reasonable assumptions in determining its approximate location for assessment and taxation purposes.

Section History: Recent form

  90 Acts, ch 1236, §20

  C91, § 409A.6

  C93, § 354.6

Internal References

  Referred to in § 354.3, 354.8, 354.11, 354.13, 354.16

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