347.13  Duties and powers.

Said board of hospital trustees shall:

1.  Purchase, condemn, or lease a site for such public hospital, and provide and equip suitable hospital buildings.

2.  Cause plans and specifications to be made and adopted for all hospital buildings, and advertise for bids, as required by law for other county buildings, before making a contract for the construction of a building.

3.  Procure equipment under bidding and contracting requirements prescribed by the board and procure supplies necessary for the operation of the hospital.

4.  Have general supervision and care of such grounds and buildings.

5.  Employ an administrator, and necessary assistants and employees, and fix their compensation.

6.  Have control and supervision over the physicians, nurses, attendants, and patients in the hospital.

7.  Cause one of its members to visit and examine said hospital at least twice each month.

8.  Provide a suitable room for detention and examination of persons brought before the commissioners of hospitalization of the county, if such hospital is located at the county seat.

9.  Determine whether or not any applicant is indigent or tuberculous and entitled to free treatment therein, and to fix the price to be paid by other patients admitted to such hospital for their care and treatment therein.

10.  Fix at its regular February meeting in each year, the amount necessary for the improvement and maintenance of the hospital and for support of ambulance service during the ensuing fiscal year, and cause the president and the secretary to certify the amount to the county auditor before March 1 of each year, subject to any limitation in section 347.7.

11.  File with the board of supervisors during the fourth week in July of each year, a report covering their proceedings with reference to such hospital, and a statement of all receipts and expenditures during the preceding fiscal year.

12.  Accept property by gift, devise, bequest, or otherwise; and, if said board deems it advisable, may, at public sale, sell or exchange any property so accepted upon a concurring vote of a majority of all members of the board of hospital trustees, and apply the proceeds thereof, or property received in exchange therefor, to the purposes enumerated in subsection 13 hereof or for equipment.

13.  Submit to the voters at any regular or special election a proposition to sell or lease any sites and buildings, excepting those described in subsection 12 hereof, and upon such proposition being carried by a majority of the total number of votes cast at such election, may proceed to sell such property at either public or private sale, and apply the proceeds only for:

a.  Retirement of bonds issued and outstanding in connection with the purchase of said property so sold;

b.  Repairs or improvements to property owned or for the purchase or lease of equipment as the board of hospital trustees may determine.

14.  When it is determined by said board that all or a part of the facilities acquired under the provisions of this chapter and operated as a tuberculosis sanatorium are no longer needed for the uses provided or permitted under this chapter, the board may lease to the county or any political subdivision thereof for any public purpose, such facilities or such part thereof as the board deems proper.

15.  There shall be published quarterly in each of the official newspapers of the county as selected by the board of supervisors pursuant to section 349.1 the schedule of bills allowed and there shall be published annually in such newspapers the schedule of salaries paid by job classification and category, but not by listing names of individual employees. The names, addresses, salaries, and job classification of all employees paid in whole or in part from a tax levy shall be a public record and open to inspection at reasonable times as designated by the board of trustees.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

  84 Acts, ch 1201 § 1, 2; 85 Acts, ch 185, §3

Internal References

  Referred to in § 145A.12, 347.14


  Powers under consolidation, § 348.2

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