331.607  Books and records.

The recorder shall keep the following books and records:

1.  A record book for military discharges as provided in section 331.608.

2.  An index of unemployment contribution liens as provided in section 96.14, subsection 3.

3.  A record of fees as provided in section 331.902.

4.  An index of income tax liens as provided in section 422.26.

5.  A drainage plat book, index, and record book as provided in sections 468.624 and 468.625.

6.  A register of the names and descriptions of farms as provided in section 557.22.

7.  Index and record books for instruments affecting real estate as provided under chapter 558.

8.  Homestead and index books as provided in section 561.4.

9.  A claimant's book in which the notices of title interests in land are indexed as provided in section 614.35.

10.  A book of copies of original entries which has been compared with the originals and certified as true copies of land records by the register of the United States land office as provided in section 622.44.

11.  Other books and records as provided by law.

Section History: Early form

  [S81, § 331.607; 81 Acts, ch 117, § 606]

Section History: Recent form

  94 Acts, ch 1055, §2; 97 Acts, ch 121, § 7

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