331.401  Duties relating to finances.

1.  The board shall:

a.  Audit expenses charged to the county for the annual examination by the auditor of state and approve or object to the expenses as provided in section 11.21.

b.  Establish budgets for the farm-to-market road fund and the secondary road fund in accordance with sections 309.10 and 309.93 to 309.97.

c.  Pay expenses of administration of juvenile justice, attributable to the county under section 232.141.

d.  Provide for the expense of persons committed to the county jail or a regional detention facility in accordance with section 356.15.

e.  Adopt resolutions authorizing the county assessor to provide forms for homestead exemption claimants as provided in section 425.2 and military service tax exemptions as provided in section 427.6.

f.  Examine and allow or disallow claims for homestead exemption in accordance with section 425.3 and claims for military service tax exemption in accordance with chapter 426A and sections 427.3 to 427.6. The board, by a single resolution, may allow or disallow the exemptions recommended by the assessor.

g.  Hear appeals relating to the agricultural land tax credit in accordance with section 426.6.

h.  Order the suspension of property taxes of certain persons in accordance with section 427.9.

i.  Approve or deny an application for a property tax exemption for impoundment structures, as provided in section 427.1, subsection 20.

j.  Serve on the conference board as provided in section 441.2.

k.  Levy taxes as certified to it by tax-certifying bodies in the county, in accordance with the statutes authorizing the levies and in accordance with chapter 24 and sections 444.1 to 444.8, and levy taxes as required in chapters 430A, 433, 434, 436, 437 and 438.

l.  Carry out duties in regard to the collection of taxes as provided in sections 445.16, 445.60, and 445.62.

m.  Apportion taxes upon receipt of a petition, in accordance with sections 449.1 to 449.3.

n.  Comply with chapters 12B and 12C in the management of public funds.

o.  Allocate payments from flood control projects as provided in sections 161E.13 and 161E.14.

p.  Examine and settle all accounts of the receipts and expenditures of the county and all claims against the county, except as otherwise provided by state law.

q.  Require a local historical society to submit to it a proposed budget including the amount of available funds and estimated expenditures, as a prerequisite to receiving funds. A local historical society receiving funds shall present to the board an annual report describing in detail its use of the funds received.

r.  Perform other financial duties as required by state law.

2.  The board shall not pay membership dues for a county officers association in this state other than the Iowa state association of counties or an organization affiliated with it. This subsection does not prohibit expenditures for organizations with which the Iowa state association or its affiliates are affiliated.

3.  The board shall not pay bounties on crows, rattlesnakes, foxes, or wolves other than coyotes.

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 331.902

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