327J.3  Administration.

1.  The director may expend moneys from the fund to pay the costs associated with the initiation, operation, and maintenance of rail passenger service. The director shall report by February 1 of each year to the legislative fiscal bureau concerning the status of the fund including anticipated expenditures for the following fiscal year.

2.  The director shall enter into discussions for the purpose of securing AMTRAK passenger service from Chicago to Omaha utilizing the Chicago and Northwestern Transportation Company railroad tracks. The discussions shall include all of the following:

a.  Discussions with the states of Illinois and Nebraska regarding an agreement to share capital costs associated with initiating service, annual operating subsidies, and other costs necessary to maintain service.

b.  Discussions with AMTRAK regarding the most cost- effective procurement of necessary equipment and a comprehensive agreement with all parties to initiate service and seeking a share of potential future profits from the service with AMTRAK including provisions for the reimbursement of moneys expended from the passenger rail service revolving fund from the profits generated from the resulting rail passenger service.

c.  Discussions with Iowa's congressional delegation to ensure that the current federal cost share of operational deficits on AMTRAK passenger service is maintained and to maximize Iowa's share of federal railway moneys.

3.  The director may provide technical assistance to cities along the proposed AMTRAK route to ensure that passenger facilities meeting AMTRAK requirements are available in a timely manner.

4.  The director shall report regularly to the general assembly concerning the progress of efforts to secure central Iowa AMTRAK passenger service.

Section History: Recent form

  92 Acts, ch 1210, § 4

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