321.253A  Directional signs relating to historic sites on land owned or managed by state agencies.

1.  The department shall place and maintain directional signs upon primary highways which provide information about historic sites which are located on land owned or managed by an agency as defined in section 17A.2. The signs shall conform to the manual of uniform traffic devices. However, the directional signs are not subject to requirements applicable to tourist-oriented directional signs.

2.  Upon request by a city or county in which a historic site is located on land owned or managed by an agency, the department shall distribute a directional sign as provided in this section to the city or county for erection upon roads or streets within their jurisdictions.

3.  The location of the historic site shall be memorialized on transportation maps of the state published under the direction of the department and generally made available to the public. However, if it is not reasonable and feasible to display specific historic sites on the state transportation map, the department shall consult with the agency managing the historic site.

4.  The department shall not erect, maintain, or distribute a directional sign or include on a transportation map information about a historic site located on land owned or managed by an agency if the department receives an objection by the agency.

Section History: Recent form

  90 Acts, ch 1183, §5

Internal References

  Referred to in § 321.252

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