321.212  Period of suspension or revocation--surrender of license.

1. a.  Except as provided in section 321.210A or 321.513 the department shall not suspend a license for a period of more than one year, except that a license suspended because of incompetency to drive a motor vehicle shall be suspended until the department receives satisfactory evidence that the former holder is competent to operate a motor vehicle and a refusal to reinstate constitutes a denial of license within section 321.215; upon revoking a license the department shall not grant an application for a new license until the expiration of one year after the revocation, unless another period is specified by law.

A suspension under section 321.210, subsection 1, paragraph "d", for a violation of section 321.216B shall not exceed six months. As soon as practicable after the period of suspension has expired, but not later than six months after the date of expiration, the department shall expunge information regarding the suspension from the person's driving record.

b.  The department shall not revoke a license under the provisions of subsection 5 of section 321.209 for more than thirty days nor less than five days as recommended by the trial court.

c.  The department shall revoke a license for six months for a first offense under the provisions of section 321.209, subsection 6, where the violation charged did not result in a personal injury or damage to property.

d.  The department shall revoke a driver's license according to an order issued pursuant to section 901.5, subsection 10, for one hundred eighty days. If the person has not been issued a driver's license, the issuance of a driver's license shall be delayed for one hundred eighty days after the person is first eligible. If the person's operating privileges have been suspended or revoked at the time the person is convicted, the one-hundred-eighty-day revocation period shall not begin until all other suspensions or revocations have terminated.

2.  The department upon suspending or revoking a driver's license shall require that the license be surrendered to and be retained by the department. At the end of the period of suspension the license surrendered shall be reissued to the licensee upon payment of the reinstatement fee under section 321.191. At the end of a period of revocation the licensee must apply for a new driver's license.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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