321.191  Fees for driver's licenses.

1.  Instruction permits.  The fee for an instruction permit, other than a special instruction permit, chauffeur's instruction permit, or commercial driver's instruction permit, is six dollars. The fee for a special instruction permit is ten dollars. The fee for a chauffeur's instruction permit or commercial driver's instruction permit is twelve dollars.

2.  Noncommercial driver's licenses.  The fee for a noncommercial driver's license, other than a class D driver's license or any type of instruction permit, valid for two years is eight dollars.

3.  Licenses for chauffeurs.  The fee for a noncommercial class D driver's license valid for two years is sixteen dollars.

4.  Commercial driver's licenses.  An additional fee of eight dollars is required to issue a driver's license, other than an instruction permit, valid for two years for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

5.  Licenses valid for motorcycles.  An additional fee of one dollar per year of license validity is required to issue a license valid to operate a motorcycle.

6.  Special minors' licenses.  Notwithstanding subsection 2, the fee for a driver's license issued to a minor under section 321.194 or a restricted license issued to a minor under section 321.178, subsection 2, is eight dollars.

7.  Four-year licenses.  The fee for a driver's license valid for four years is twice the fee for a two-year license.

8.  Endorsements and removal of air brake restrictions.   The fee for a double/triple trailer endorsement, tank vehicle endorsement, and hazardous materials endorsement is five dollars for each endorsement. The fee for a passenger endorsement is ten dollars. The fee for removal of an air brake restriction on a commercial driver's license is ten dollars. Fees imposed under this subsection for endorsements or removal of restrictions are valid for the length of the time period of the license regardless of whether the license is issued for two or four years. Upon renewal of a commercial driver's license there is no fee for retaining endorsements or the removal of the air brake restriction for those endorsements or restrictions which do not require the taking of either a knowledge or a driving skills test for renewal.

9.  Driver's license reinstatements.  The fee for reinstatement of a driver's license shall be twenty dollars for a license which is, after notice and opportunity for hearing, canceled, suspended, revoked, or barred. However, reinstatement of the privilege suspended under section 321.210, subsection 1, paragraph "c", shall be without fee. The fee for reinstatement of the privilege to operate a commercial motor vehicle after a period of disqualification shall be twenty dollars.

10.  Upgrading a license class privilege--fee adjustment.   If an applicant wishes to upgrade a license class privilege, the fee charged shall be prorated on full-year fee increments of the new license in accordance with rules adopted by the department. The expiration date of the new license shall be the expiration date of the currently held driver's license. The fee for a commercial driver's license endorsement, the removal of an air brake restriction, or a commercial driver's license instruction permit shall not be prorated.

As used in this subsection "to upgrade a license class privilege" means to add any privilege to a valid driver's license. The addition of a privilege includes converting from a noncommercial to a commercial license, converting from a noncommercial class C to a class D license, converting an instruction permit to a class license, adding any privilege to a section 321.189, subsection 7, license, adding an instruction permit privilege, adding a section 321.189, subsection 7, license to an instruction permit, and adding any privilege relating to a driver's license issued to a minor under section 321.194 or section 321.178, subsection 2.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 321.12, 321.180A, 321.211, 321.212

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