321.126  Refunds of fees.

Refunds of unexpired vehicle registration fees shall be allowed in accordance with this section, except that no refund shall be allowed and paid if the unused portion of the fee is less than ten dollars. Subsections 1 and 2 do not apply to motor vehicles registered by the county treasurer. The refunds shall be made as follows:

1.  If the motor vehicle is destroyed by fire or accident, or junked and its identity as a motor vehicle entirely eliminated, the owner in whose name the motor vehicle was registered at the time of destruction or dismantling shall return the plates to the department and within thirty days thereafter make a statement of such destruction or dismantling and make claim for refund. With reference to the destruction or dismantling of a vehicle, no refund shall be allowed unless a junking certificate has been issued, as provided in section 321.52.

2.  If the motor vehicle is stolen, the owner shall give notice of the theft to the department within five days. If the motor vehicle is not recovered by the owner thirty days prior to the end of the current registration year, the owner shall make a statement of the theft and make claim for refund.

3.  If the motor vehicle is placed in storage by the owner upon the owner's entry into the military service of the United States, the owner shall return the plates to the county treasurer or the department and make a statement regarding the storage and military service and make claim for refund. Whenever the owner of a motor vehicle so placed in storage desires to again register the vehicle, the county treasurer or department shall compute and collect the fees for registration for the registration year commencing in the month the vehicle is removed from storage.

4.  If the motor vehicle is registered by the county treasurer during the current registration year and the owner or lessee registers the vehicle for proportional registration under chapter 326, the owner of the registered vehicle shall surrender the registration plates to the county treasurer and may file a claim for refund. In lieu of a refund, a credit for the registration fees paid to the county treasurer may be applied by the department to the owner or lessee's proportional registration fees upon the surrender of the county plates and registration.

5.  A refund for trailers and semitrailers issued a multiyear registration plate shall be paid by the department upon application.

6.  If a vehicle is sold or junked, the owner in whose name the vehicle was registered may make claim to the county treasurer or department for a refund of the sold or junked vehicle's registration fee. Also if the owner of a vehicle receives a vehicle registration fee credit under section 321.46, subsection 3, and the credit allowed exceeds the amount of the registration fee for the vehicle acquired, the owner may claim a refund for the balance of the credit. The refund is subject to the following limitations:

a.  If a vehicle registration fee credit has not been received by the owner of the vehicle under section 321.46, subsection 3, the refund shall be computed on the basis of the number of unexpired months remaining in the registration year at the time the vehicle was sold or junked. The refund shall be rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Section 321.127, subsection 1, does not apply.

b.  The refund shall only be allowed if the owner provides a copy of the registration receipt for the vehicle sold or junked.

c.  The refund shall only be allowed if the owner makes claim for the refund within six months after the date of the vehicle's sale, trade, or junking.

d.  This subsection does not apply to vehicles registered under chapter 326.

7.  Notwithstanding any provision of this section to the contrary, there shall be no refund of proportional registration fees unless the state which issued the base plate for the vehicle allows such refund. If an owner subject to proportional registration leases the vehicle for which the refund is sought, the claim shall be filed in the names of both the lessee and the lessor and the refund payment made payable to both the lessor and the lessee. The term "owner" for purposes of this section shall include a person in whom is vested right of possession or control of a vehicle which is subject to a lease, contract, or other legal arrangement vesting right of possession or control in addition to the term as defined in section 321.1, subsection 49.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 321.46, 321.128, 331.557

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