29A.12  Powers and duties.

The adjutant general shall have command and control of the military division, and perform such duties as pertain to the office of the adjutant general under law and regulations, pursuant to the authority vested in the adjutant general by the governor. The adjutant general shall superintend the preparation of all letters and reports required by the United States from the state, and perform all the duties prescribed by law. The adjutant general shall have charge of the state military reservations, and all other property of the state kept or used for military purposes. The adjutant general shall cause an inventory to be taken at least once each year of all military stores, property and funds under the adjutant general's jurisdiction. In each year preceding a regular session of the general assembly the adjutant general shall prepare a detailed report of the transactions of that office, its expenses, and other matters required by the governor for the period since the last preceding report, and the governor may at any time require a similar report.

The adjutant general may enter into an agreement with the secretary of defense to operate the water plant at Camp Dodge for the use and benefit of the United States, and the state of Iowa upon terms and conditions as approved by the governor.

Section History: Early form

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