277.5  Objections to nominations.

Objections to the legal sufficiency of a nomination petition or to the eligibility of a candidate may be filed by any person who would have the right to vote for a candidate for the office in question. The objection must be filed with the secretary of the school board at least thirty-five days before the day of the school election. When objections are filed notice shall forthwith be given to the candidate affected, addressed to the candidate's place of residence as given on the candidate's affidavit, stating that objections have been made to the legal sufficiency of the petition or to the eligibility of the candidate, and also stating the time and place the objections will be considered.

Objections shall be considered not later than two working days following the receipt of the objections by the president of the school board, the secretary of the school board, and one additional member of the school board chosen by ballot. If objections have been filed to the nominations of either of those school officials, that official shall not pass on the objection. The official's place shall be filled by a member of the school board against whom no objection exists. The replacement shall be chosen by ballot.

Section History: Recent form

  88 Acts, ch 1119, §33; 94 Acts, ch 1180, §43

Internal References

  Referred to in § 277.7

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