275.55A  Attendance in other district.

A student enrolled in ninth, tenth, or eleventh grade during the school year preceding the effective date of a dissolution proposal, who was a resident of the school district that dissolved, may enroll in a school district to which territory of the school district that dissolved was attached until the student's graduation from high school, unless the student was expelled or suspended from school and the conditions of expulsion or suspension have not been met. The student under expulsion or suspension shall not be enrolled until the board of directors of the school district to which territory of the dissolved school district was attached approves, by majority vote, the enrollment of the student. Notwithstanding section 282.24, the district of residence of the student, determined in the dissolution proposal, shall pay tuition to the school district selected by the student in an amount not to exceed the district cost per pupil of the district of residence and the school district selected by the student shall accept that tuition payment and enroll the student.

Section History: Recent form

  88 Acts, ch 1263, §5; 95 Acts, ch 218, §26

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