25B.6  State rules.

A state agency or department shall not propose or adopt an administrative rule which exceeds its statutory authority by mandating expenditures by political subdivisions, or agencies and entities which contract with political subdivisions to provide services. A state administrative rule, proposed pursuant to chapter 17A, which necessitates additional combined annual expenditures exceeding one hundred thousand dollars by all affected political subdivisions or agencies and entities which contract with the affected political subdivisions to provide services shall be accompanied by a fiscal impact statement outlining the costs. An affected political subdivision, or an entity representing an affected political subdivision, shall cooperate in the preparation of the fiscal impact statement. The fiscal impact statement shall be submitted to the administrative rules coordinator for publication in the Iowa administrative bulletin along with the notice of intended action.

The fiscal note shall also be submitted to the legislative fiscal committee of the legislative council. Beginning in the first full fiscal year after adoption of the state administrative rule, the fiscal committee shall annually prepare a report for each fiscal note submitted detailing the fiscal impact of the administrative rule on the affected political subdivision, or agencies and entities which contract with the political subdivision to provide services. The report shall be transmitted to the governor and the general assembly.

Section History: Recent form

  83 Acts, ch 142, § 6; 91 Acts, ch 179, § 1; 94 Acts, ch 1173, §4

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