256.42  Council responsibilities.

The youth 2000 coordinating council shall do all of the following:

1.  Identify ways in which state agencies can coordinate the delivery of state services for youth within local communities, including ways in which local schools can coordinate services with other youth services programs.

2.  Identify ways in which state policy should be modified to provide for greater collaboration in addressing youth problems and provide greater efficiency in meeting youth needs.

3.  Identify program models for use in local communities for after school and summer youth employment efforts involving public-private partnerships to serve as alternatives to school dropout and drug use by youth.

4.  Assist the department of education in providing oversight and assistance to the school-based youth services education program established pursuant to section 279.51.

5.  Subject to the availability of funds for this purpose, award community planning grants for collaborative efforts to establish local drug prevention and youth development programs.

6.  Provide assistance to local communities and the Iowa department of public health in using substance abuse prevention funds available through federal and foundation funding sources.

7.  Seek outside funding support for statewide and regional workshops and conferences on collaborative efforts to address youth problems.

8.  Serve as a clearinghouse on collaborative efforts to provide youth development opportunities for at-risk youth and youth in at-risk communities.

9.  Report annually to the governor on public policy options available in Iowa to reduce the use of drugs by Iowa's youth and to address other important youth issues.

Section History: Recent form

  89 Acts, ch 225, § 17

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