252E.1  Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1.  "Child" means a person for whom child or medical support may be ordered pursuant to chapter 234, 239B, 252A, 252C, 252F, 598, 600B or any other chapter of the Code or pursuant to a comparable statute of a foreign jurisdiction.

2.  "Department" means the department of human services, which includes but is not limited to the child support recovery unit, or any comparable support enforcement agency of another state.

3.  "Dependent" means a child, or an obligee for whom a court may order coverage by a health benefit plan pursuant to section 252E.3.

4.  "Enroll" means to be eligible for and covered by a health benefit plan.

5.  "Health benefit plan" means any policy or contract of insurance, indemnity, subscription or membership issued by an insurer, health service corporation, health maintenance organization, or any similar corporation, organization, or a self-insured employee benefit plan, for the purpose of covering medical expenses. These expenses may include, but are not limited to hospital, surgical, major medical insurance, dental, optical, prescription drugs, office visits, or any combination of these or any other comparable health care expenses.

6.  "Insurer" means any entity which provides a health benefit plan.

7.  "Medical support" means either the provision of a health benefit plan, including a group or employment-related or an individual health benefit plan, or a health benefit plan provided pursuant to chapter 514E, to meet the medical needs of a dependent and the cost of any premium required by a health benefit plan, or the payment to the obligee of a monetary amount in lieu of a health benefit plan, either of which is an obligation separate from any monetary amount of child support ordered to be paid. Medical support is not alimony.

8.  "Obligee" means a parent or another natural person legally entitled to receive a support payment on behalf of a child.

9.  "Obligor" means a parent or another natural person legally responsible for the support of a dependent.

10.  "Order" means a support order entered pursuant to chapter 234, 252A, 252C, 252H, 598, 600B, or any other support chapter, or pursuant to a comparable statute of a foreign jurisdiction, or an ex parte order entered pursuant to section 252E.4.

Section History: Recent form

  90 Acts, ch 1224, § 25; 92 Acts, ch 1195, § 505; 93 Acts, ch 78, §20; 93 Acts, ch 79, §46; 97 Acts, ch 41, § 32

Internal References

  Referred to in § 252C.1, 252H.2, 514C.9, 600B.25

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