232.190  Community grant fund.

1.  A community grant fund is established in the state treasury under the control of the division of criminal and juvenile justice planning of the department of human rights for the purposes of awarding grants under this section. The criminal and juvenile justice planning advisory council and the juvenile justice advisory council shall assist the division in administering grants awarded under this section. The departments of education, human services, public health, and public safety, and the governor's alliance on substance abuse shall advise the division on grant application and selection criteria and performance measures for the programs. Not more than five percent of the moneys appropriated to the fund shall be used for administrative purposes.

2.  A city, county, or entity organized under chapter 28E may apply to the division for a grant on a matching basis to fund juvenile crime prevention programs. The match may be obtained from private sources, other state programs, or federal programs. The division shall adopt rules establishing required matching fund levels that progressively increase as applicants receive a second or subsequent year of consecutive funding through the community grant fund. The division shall not accept an application for a fourth or subsequent consecutive year of funding. However, cities, counties, or entities organized under chapter 28E receiving grants prior to July 1, 1998, may apply and receive funding for an additional two consecutive years beyond June 30, 1998.

3.  Applications for moneys from the community grant fund shall define the geographical boundaries of the site chosen to benefit from the funds from this program and shall demonstrate a collaborative effort by all relevant local government and school officials and service agencies with authority, responsibilities, or other interests within the chosen site. Proposed plans set forth in the applications shall reflect a community-wide consensus in how to remediate community problems related to juvenile crime and shall describe how the funds from this program will be used in a manner consistent with the human investment strategy of the state as developed pursuant to section 8A.1. Services provided under a grant through this program shall be comprehensive and utilize flexible delivery systems. The division shall establish a point system for determining eligibility for grants from the fund based upon the nature and breadth of the proposed community juvenile crime prevention plans and the extent to which the proposals include viable plans to sustain the funding and local governance of the proposed juvenile crime prevention services and activities following the proposed grant period.

4.  The division shall provide potential applicants for grant moneys with information describing performance measures for this program and shall establish a monitoring system for this program that requires participating cities, counties, and entities organized under chapter 28E to report information with which to measure program performance. The division shall solicit input from cities, counties, and service-providing agencies on the establishment of program performance measures and the structure of the program monitoring system. Applications for grant moneys shall state specific results sought to be obtained by any service or activity funded by a grant under this section and shall describe how their desired results are related to the program's performance measures.

5.  This section is repealed effective June 30, 2000. The division of criminal and juvenile justice planning shall submit an annual report to the general assembly by January 15 regarding the program's performance measures and the effectiveness of the services and activities funded under this section.

Section History: Recent form

  94 Acts, ch 1172, §27; 96 Acts, ch 1212, §16; 98 Acts, ch 1221, §13, 14

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