231.58  Long-term care coordinating unit.

1.  A long-term care coordinating unit is created within the department of elder affairs. The membership of the coordinating unit consists of:

a.  The director of human services.

b.  The director of the department of elder affairs.

c.  The director of public health.

d.  The director of the department of inspections and appeals.

e.  Two members appointed by the governor.

2.  The long-term care coordinating unit shall:

a.  Develop, for legislative review, the mechanisms and procedures necessary to implement, utilizing current personnel, a case-managed system of long-term care based on a uniform comprehensive assessment tool.

b.  Develop common intake and release procedures for the purpose of determining eligibility at one point of intake and determining eligibility for programs administered by the departments of human services, public health, and elder affairs, such as the medical assistance program, federal food stamp program, and homemaker-home health aide programs.

c.  Develop common definitions for long-term care services.

d.  Develop procedures for coordination at the local and state level among the providers of long-term care, including when possible co-campusing of services. The director of the department of general services shall give particular attention to this section when arranging for office space pursuant to section 18.12 for these three departments.

e.  Prepare a long-range plan for the provision of long- term care services within the state.

f.  Propose rules and procedures for the development of a comprehensive long-term care and community-based services program.

g.  Submit a report of its activities to the governor and general assembly on January 15 of each year.

Section History: Recent form

  86 Acts, ch 1245, § 1026

  C87, § 249D.58

  89 Acts, ch 52, § 1

  C93, § 231.58

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