231.44  Care review committee--duties--disclosure--liability.

1.  The care review committee program is administered by the long-term care resident's advocate program.

2.  The responsibilities of the care review committee are in accordance with the rules adopted by the commission pursuant to chapter 17A. When adopting the rules, the commission shall consider the needs of residents of each category of licensed health care facility as defined in section 135C.1, subsection 6, and the services each facility may render. The commission shall coordinate the development of rules with the mental health and developmental disabilities commission created in section 225C.5 to the extent the rules would apply to a facility primarily serving persons with mental illness, mental retardation, or a developmental disability. The commission shall coordinate the development of appropriate rules with other state agencies.

3.  A health care facility shall disclose the names, addresses, and phone numbers of a resident's family members, if requested, to a care review committee member, unless permission for this disclosure is refused in writing by a family member.

4.  Neither the state nor any care review committee member is liable for an action undertaken by a care review committee member in the performance of duty, if the action is undertaken and carried out in good faith.

Section History: Recent form

  86 Acts, ch 1245, § 1018

  C87, § 249D.44

  87 Acts, ch 70, §2; 88 Acts, ch 1068, §3

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 135C.25, 231.33, 231A.2

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