231.33  Area agencies on aging duties.

Each area agency on aging shall:

1.  Develop and administer an area plan on aging.

2.  Assess the types and levels of services needed by older persons in the planning and service area, and the effectiveness of other public or private programs serving those needs.

3.  Enter into subgrants or contracts to provide all services under the plan.

4.  Provide technical assistance as needed, prepare written monitoring reports at least quarterly, and provide a written report of an annual on-site assessment of all service providers funded by the area agency.

5.  Coordinate the administration of its plan with federal programs and with other federal, state, and local resources in order to develop a comprehensive and coordinated service system.

6.  Establish an advisory council.

7.  Give preference in the delivery of services under the area plan to elders with the greatest economic or social need.

8.  Assure that elders in the planning and service area have reasonably convenient access to information and referral services.

9.  Provide adequate and effective opportunities for elders to express their views to the area agency on policy development and program implementation under the area plan.

10.  Designate community focal points.

11.  Contact outreach efforts, with special emphasis on the rural elderly, to identify elders with greatest economic or social needs and inform them of the availability of services under the area plan.

12.  Develop and publish the methods that the agency uses to establish preferences and priorities for services.

13.  Attempt to involve the area lawyers in legal assistance activities.

14.  Submit all fiscal and performance reports in accordance with the policies of the commission.

15.  Monitor, evaluate, and comment on policies, programs, hearings, levies, and community actions which significantly affect the lives of elders.

16.  Conduct public hearings on the needs of elders.

17.  Represent the interests of elders to public officials, public and private agencies, or organizations.

18.  Coordinate activities in support of the statewide long-term care resident's advocate program.

19.  Coordinate planning with other agencies and organizations to promote new or expanded benefits and opportunities for elders.

20.  Coordinate planning with other agencies for assuring the safety of elders in a natural disaster or other safety threatening situation.

21.  Submit a report to the department of elder affairs every six months, of the name of each health care facility in its area for which the care review committee has failed to submit the report required by rules adopted pursuant to section 231.44.

Section History: Recent form

  86 Acts, ch 1245, § 1014

  C87, § 249D.33

  89 Acts, ch 241, § 6

  C93, § 231.33

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