216A.3  Human rights administrative-coordinating council.

1.  A human rights administrative- coordinating council composed of nine members is created within the department of human rights. The council is composed of the director, who shall act as the chairperson of the council, and the administrators within the department.

2.  The council shall meet periodically to:

a.  Identify areas where the divisions within the department might coordinate efforts or share administrative or other support functions to provide greater efficiencies in operation including, but not limited to, accounting, clerical, recordkeeping, and administrative support functions.

b.  Develop cooperative arrangements and shared services among the divisions to achieve greater efficiencies, and may establish contracts and agreements between or among the divisions to provide for shared services.

c.  Transfer funds within the divisions agreeing to shared services for the implementation of the contracts or agreements between divisions.

d.  Make recommendations to the governor and general assembly regarding additional consolidation and coordination that would require legislative action.

e.  Advise the department director regarding actions by and for the department.

f.  Establish goals and objectives for the department.

Section History: Recent form

  86 Acts, ch 1245, § 1203

  C87, § 601K.3

  88 Acts, ch 1277, §28; 90 Acts, ch 1180, § 4

  C93, § 216A.3

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