173.2  Convention.

A convention shall be held at a time and place in Iowa to be designated by the Iowa state fair board each year, to elect members of the state fair board and conduct other business of the board. The board shall give sixty days' notice of the location of the convention to all agricultural associations and persons eligible to attend. The convention shall be composed of:

1.  The members of the state fair board as then organized.

2.  The president or secretary of each county or district agricultural society entitled to receive aid from the state, or a regularly elected delegate therefrom accredited in writing, who shall be a resident of the county.

3.  One delegate, a resident of the county, to be appointed by the board of supervisors in each county where there is no such society, or when such society fails to report to the state fair board in the manner provided by law as a basis for state aid. The board shall promptly report such failure to the county auditor.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in §173.3, 174.2, 174.12, 331.321

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