161C.2  Water protection projects and practices.

1.  Each soil and water conservation district, alone and whenever practical in conjunction with other districts, shall carry out district-wide and multiple-district projects to support water protection practices in the district or districts, including projects to protect this state's groundwater and surface water from point and nonpoint sources of contamination, including but not limited to contamination by agricultural drainage wells, sinkholes, sedimentation, or chemical pollutants.

2.  An owner of or occupant of land within a district may establish a water protection practice under this chapter by entering into an agreement with the district in which the owner or occupant receives financial assistance to establish water protection practices in consideration for promising to maintain the practices according to rules adopted by the division. The financial assistance may be in the form of grants, loans, or cost-sharing arrangements. An agreement shall not be binding until the assistance is specifically approved for that land and made available to the owner or occupant.

3.  The division shall approve an award of financial assistance based on an application submitted by the owner or occupant of the land. The division may require a copy of the application with an evaluation of the application by the district. Each application for financial assistance shall be considered under a priority system adopted by the district for disbursement of unallocated funds. The district, under the supervision of a district technician, shall design proposed clean water practices for which financial assistance has been obligated. The district shall determine compliance with applicable design standards and specifications. The landowner shall construct and is liable for the performance of the water protection practices on the land.

4.  The division shall adopt rules necessary for the administration of this chapter, including rules relating to the approval of programs and projects, designing a project or water protection practices, the estimation of costs of a project or program, and the inspection of projects or practices being placed or maintained on the land.

Section History: Recent form

  88 Acts, ch 1189, §3

  C89, § 467F.2

  C93, § 161C.2

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