135G.14  Postpartum care for birth center clients and infants.

1.  A mother and her infant shall be dismissed from the licensed birth center within twenty-four hours after the birth of the infant except in unusual circumstances as defined by administrative rule. If a mother or infant is retained at the birth center for more than twenty-four hours after the birth, a report shall be filed with the department within forty-eight hours of the birth describing the circumstances and the reasons for the decision.

2.  A prophylactic shall be instilled in the eyes of each newborn in accordance with section 140.13.

3.  Postpartum evaluation and follow-up care shall be provided, which shall include:

a.  Physical examination of the infant.

b.  Metabolic screening tests required by statute or administrative rule.

c.  Referral to sources for pediatric care.

d.  Maternal postpartum assessment.

e.  Instruction in child care, including immunization.

f.  Family planning services.

g.  Referral to a licensed hospital.

Section History: Recent form

  87 Acts, ch 200, § 14

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