135C.20A  Report cards--facility inspections--complaint procedures--availability to public--electronic access.

1.  The department shall develop and utilize a report card system for the recording of the findings of any inspection of a health care facility. The report card shall include but is not limited to a summary of the findings of the inspection, any violation found, any enforcement action taken including any citations issued and penalties assessed, any actions taken to correct violations or deficiencies, and the nature and status of any action taken with respect to any uncorrected violation for which a citation was issued.

2.  The report card form shall be developed by the department in cooperation with representatives of the department of elder affairs, the state long-term care resident's advocate, representatives of care review committees, representatives of protection and advocacy entities, consumers, and other interested persons.

3.  The department shall make any completed report cards electronically accessible to the public, on a monthly basis, and shall compile the report cards on an annual basis and make the compilation electronically accessible to the public. The annual compilation shall also be available at the office of the department at the seat of government and shall be available to the public by mail, upon request and at the department's expense.

4.  In addition to the monthly and annual compilations, the department shall provide compilations of the report cards on a cumulative basis. The cumulative compilation shall reflect the report cards of health care facilities during the four- year period prior to the production of the cumulative compilation. The cumulative compilation shall be applicable to a particular health care facility as a four-year report card history of that facility becomes available. The cumulative compilation shall be available to the public in the same manner as the annual compilation.

Section History: Recent form

  98 Acts, ch 1141, §1

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