135.105B  Voluntary guidelines--health and environmental measures--confirmed cases of lead poisoning.

1.  The department may develop voluntary guidelines which may be used to develop and administer local programs to address the health and environmental needs of children who are confirmed as lead poisoned.

2.  The voluntary guidelines may be based upon existing local ordinances that address the medical case management of children's health needs and the mitigation of the environmental factors which contributed to the lead poisoning.

3.  Following development of the voluntary guidelines, cities or counties may elect to utilize the guidelines in developing and administering local programs through city or county health departments on a city, county, or multicounty basis or may request that the state develop and administer the local program. However, cities and counties are not required to develop and administer local programs based upon the guidelines.

Section History: Recent form

  96 Acts, ch 1161, §2


  Section effective upon federal certification; 96 Acts, ch 1161, § 4

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