260A.1 Community college vocational-technical technology improvement appropriation.

1. Notwithstanding section 8.57, subsection 5, paragraph "c", there is appropriated from the rebuild Iowa infrastructure fund created in section 8.57, to the department of education for each fiscal year of the fiscal period beginning July 1, 1997, and ending June 30, 2001, the sum of three million dollars for the community college vocational- technical technology improvement program.

2. Moneys appropriated in subsection 1 shall be allocated by the department of education to each community college in the proportion that the allocation to that community college in 1996 Iowa Acts, chapter 1215, section 6, subsection 15, bears to the total appropriation made in 1996 Iowa Acts, chapter 1215, section 6, subsection 15, to all community colleges.

3. For each year in which an appropriation is made to the community college vocational-technical technology improvement program, the department of education shall notify the department of revenue and finance of the amount to be paid to each community college based upon the allocation criteria set forth for the appropriation pursuant to subsection 2. Allocations to each community college under this section shall be made in one payment on or about October 15 and one payment on or about February 15 of the fiscal year in which the appropriation is made, taking into consideration the relative budget and cash position of the state resources.

4. Moneys received by a community college under this section shall not be commingled with general state financial aid, including financial aid to merged areas in lieu of personal property tax replacement payments under section 427A.13,* to merged areas as defined in section 260C.2, and including moneys received for vocational education programs in accordance with chapters 258 and 260C. Payments made to a community college shall be accounted for by the community college separately from other state aid payments. Each community college shall maintain a separate listing within its budget accounting for payments received and expenditures made pursuant to this section and section 260A.3.

5. Moneys received under this section shall supplement, not supplant, the moneys each community college budgets for technology. A community college may also use moneys received under this section for projects, as defined in section 8.57, subsection 5, paragraph "c", related to the acquisition or installation of technology. A community college shall not be eligible for funds under this section unless the community college, without including moneys received under this section, maintains the same average amount of expenditure for technology per year as the community college maintains during the fiscal period beginning July 1, 1994, and ending June 30, 1997.

6. Moneys received under this section shall not be used for payment of any collective bargaining agreement or arbitrator's decision negotiated or awarded under chapter 20.

Section History: Recent form

97 Acts, ch 215, §24

Internal References

Referred to in § 260A.3


*Section 427A.13 repealed effective July 1, 1997; 97 Acts, ch 158, §48; corrective legislation is pending

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