239B.11 Family investment program account.

1. An account is established in the state treasury to be known as the family investment program account under control of the department to which shall be credited all funds appropriated by the state for the payment of assistance and JOBS program expenditures. All other moneys received at any time for these purposes, including child support revenues, shall be deposited into the account as provided by law. All assistance and JOBS program expenditures under this chapter shall be paid from the account.

2. A diversion program subaccount is created within the family investment program account. The subaccount may be used to provide incentives to divert applicants' participation in the family investment program if the applicants would otherwise be eligible for assistance. Incentives may be provided in the form of payment or services with a focus on helping applicants to obtain or retain employment. The diversion program subaccount may also be used for payments to participants as necessary to cover the expenses of removing barriers to employment.

Section History: Recent form

97 Acts, ch 41, §12

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