216A.138 Multiagency data base concerning juveniles.

1. The division shall coordinate the development of a multiagency data base to track the progress of juveniles through various state and local agencies and programs. The division shall develop a plan which utilizes existing data bases, including the Iowa court information system, the federally mandated national adoption and foster care information system, and the other state and local data bases pertaining to juveniles, to the extent possible.

2. The department of human services, department of corrections, judicial department, department of public safety, department of education, local school districts, and other state agencies and political subdivisions shall cooperate with the division in the development of the plan.

3. The data base shall be designed to track the progress of juveniles in various programs, evaluate the experiences of juveniles, and evaluate the success of the services provided.

4. The division shall develop the plan within the context of existing federal privacy and confidentiality requirements. The plan shall build upon existing resources and facilities to the extent possible.

5. The plan shall include proposed guidelines for the sharing of information by case management teams, consisting of designated representatives of various state and local agencies and political subdivisions to coordinate the delivery of services to juveniles under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. The guidelines shall be developed to structure and improve the information-sharing procedures of case management teams established pursuant to any applicable state or federal law or approved by the juvenile court with respect to a juvenile who is the recipient of the case management team services. The plan shall also contain proposals for changes in state laws or rules to facilitate the exchange of information among members of case management teams.

6. The plan shall include development of a resource guide outlining successful programs and practices established within this state which are designed to promote positive youth development and that assist delinquent and other at-risk youth in overcoming personal and social problems. The guide shall be made publicly available.

7. If the division has insufficient funds and resources to implement this section, the division shall determine what, if any, portion of this section may be implemented, and the remainder of this section shall not apply.

8. The division shall submit a report on the plan required by this section to the general assembly on or before January 15, 1994.

Section History: Recent form

92 Acts, ch 1231, § 49; 97 Acts, ch 126, § 9

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