15E.196 Incentives---assistance.

For purposes of determining the incentives or assistance provided in this section, "eligible business" means a business which has been approved to receive incentives and assistance by the department of economic development pursuant to application as provided in section 15E.195. The incentives and assistance provided under this division for businesses located in enterprise zones shall be for a period not to exceed ten years and shall include all of the following:

1. New jobs credit from withholding, as provided in section 15.331.

2. Sales, services, and use tax refund, as provided in section 15.331A.

3. Investment tax credit, as provided in section 15.333.

4. Research activities credit, as provided in section 15.335.

5. The county or city for which an eligible enterprise zone is certified may exempt from all property taxation all or a portion of the value added to the property upon which an eligible business locates or expands in an enterprise zone and which is used in the operation of the eligible business. The amount of value added for purposes of this subsection shall be the amount of the increase in assessed valuation of the property following the location or expansion of the business in the enterprise zone. The exemption may be allowed for a period not to exceed ten years beginning the year the eligible business enters into an agreement with the county or city to locate or expand operations in an enterprise zone.

Section History: Recent form

97 Acts, ch 144, §6

Internal References

Referred to in § 15E.193, 15E.195

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