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99D.9 Licenses---terms and conditions---revocation.

1. If the commission is satisfied that its rules and sections 99D.8 through 99D.25 applicable to licensees have been or will be complied with, it may issue a license for a period of not more than three years. The commission may decide which types of racing it will permit. The commission may permit dog racing, horse racing of various types, or both dog and horse racing. The commission shall decide the number, location, and type of all racetracks licensed under this chapter. The license shall set forth the name of the licensee, the type of license granted, the place where the race meeting is to be held, and the time and number of days during which racing may be conducted by the licensee. The commission shall not approve the licenses for racetracks in Dubuque county and Black Hawk county if the proposed racing schedules of the two tracks conflict. The commission shall not approve a license application if any part of the racetrack is to be constructed on prime farmland outside the city limits of an incorporated city. As used in this subsection, "prime farmland" means as defined by the United States department of agriculture in 7 C.F.R. sec. 657.5(a). A license is not transferable or assignable. The commission may revoke any license issued for good cause upon reasonable notice and hearing. The commission shall conduct a neighborhood impact study to determine the impact of granting a license on the quality of life in neighborhoods adjacent to the proposed racetrack facility. The applicant for the license shall reimburse the commission for the costs incurred in making the study. A copy of the study shall be retained on file with the commission and shall be a public record. The study shall be completed before the commission may issue a license for the proposed facility.

2. A license shall only be granted to a nonprofit corporation or association upon the express condition that:

a. The nonprofit corporation or association shall not, by a lease, contract, understanding, or arrangement of any kind, grant, assign, or turn over to a person the operation of a race meeting licensed under this section or of the pari-mutuel system of wagering described in section 99D.11. This section does not prohibit a management contract approved by the commission.

b. The nonprofit corporation shall not in any manner permit a person other than the licensee to have a share, percentage, or proportion of the money received for admissions to the race or race meeting.

3. A license shall not be granted to a nonprofit corporation if there is substantial evidence that the applicant for a license:

a. Has been suspended or ruled off a recognized course in another jurisdiction by the racing board or commission of that jurisdiction.

b. Has not demonstrated financial responsibility sufficient to meet adequately the requirements of the enterprise proposed.

c. Is not the true owner of the enterprise proposed.

d. Is not the sole owner, and other persons have ownership in the enterprise which fact has not been disclosed.

e. Is a corporation and ten percent of the stock of the corporation is subject to a contract or option to purchase at any time during the period for which the license is issued unless the contract or option was disclosed to the commission and the commission approved the sale or transfer during the period of the license.

f. Has knowingly made a false statement of a material fact to the commission.

g. Has failed to meet any monetary obligation in connection with a race meeting held in this state.

4. A license shall not be granted to a nonprofit corporation if there is substantial evidence that stockholders or officers of the nonprofit corporation are not of good repute and moral character.

5. A license shall not be granted to a licensee for racing on more than one racetrack at the same time.

6. A licensee may not loan to any person money or any other thing of value for the purpose of permitting that person to wager on any race.

7. Upon a violation of any of the conditions listed in this section, the commission shall immediately revoke the license.

Section History: Recent form

83 Acts, ch 187, § 9; 84 Acts, ch 1266, § 8--;10; 94 Acts, ch 1021, §2

Internal References

Referred to in § 99D.2, 99D.3, 99D.10, 99D.14

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