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99D.25A Administration of lasix or phenylbutazone.

1. As used in this section unless the context otherwise requires:

a. "Bleeder" means, according to its context, either:

(1) A horse which, during a race or exercise, is observed by the commission veterinarian or designee to be shedding blood from one or both nostrils and in which no upper airway injury is noted during an examination by the commission veterinarian immediately following such a race or exercise;

(2) A horse which, within one and one-half hours of such a race or exercise, is observed by the commission veterinarian, through visual or endoscopic examination, to be shedding blood from the lower airway; or

(3) A horse which has been certified as a bleeder in another state.

b. "Bleeder list" means a tabulation of all bleeders maintained by the commission veterinarian.

c. "Detention barn" means a secured structure designated by the commission.

2. Phenylbutazone shall not be administered to a horse in dosages which would result in concentrations of more than two point two micrograms of the substance or its metabolites per millimeter of blood.

3. If a horse is to race with phenylbutazone in its system, the trainer shall be responsible for marking the information on the entry blank for each race in which the horse shall use phenylbutazone. Changes made after the time of entry must be submitted on the prescribed form to the commission veterinarian no later than scratch time.

4. If a test detects concentrations of phenylbutazone in the system of a horse in excess of the level permitted in this section, the commission shall assess a civil penalty against the trainer of two hundred dollars for the first offense and five hundred dollars for a second offense. The penalty for a third or subsequent offense shall be in the discretion of the commission. A penalty assessed under this subsection shall not affect the placing of the horse in the race.

5. Lasix may be administered to certified bleeders. Upon request, any horse placed on the bleeder list shall, in its next race, be permitted the use of lasix. Once a horse has raced with lasix, it must continue to race with lasix in all subsequent races unless a request is made to discontinue the use. If the use of lasix is discontinued, the horse shall be prohibited from again racing with lasix unless it is later observed to be bleeding. Requests for the use of or discontinuance of lasix must be made to the commission veterinarian by the horse's trainer or assistant trainer on a form prescribed by the commission on or before the day of entry into the race for which the request is made.

6. Once a horse has been permitted the use of lasix, it must be brought to the detention barn for treatment not less than four hours prior to scheduled post time for the race in which it is entered to start. After the lasix treatment, the commission, by rule, may authorize the release of the horse from the detention barn before the scheduled post time. If a horse is brought to the detention barn late, the commission shall assess a civil penalty of one hundred dollars against the trainer.

7. A horse entered to race with lasix must be treated at least four hours prior to post time. The lasix shall be administered intravenously by a veterinarian employed by the owner or trainer of the horse under the visual supervision of the commission veterinarian. The practicing veterinarian must deposit with the commission veterinarian at the detention barn an unopened supply of lasix and sterile hypodermic needles and syringes to be used for the administrations. Lasix shall only be administered in a dose level of two hundred fifty milligrams. The commission veterinarian shall extract a test sample of the horse's blood, urine, or saliva to determine whether the horse was improperly drugged after the race is run.

8. A person found within or in the immediate vicinity of the detention barn who is in possession of unauthorized drugs or hypodermic needles or who is not authorized to possess drugs or hypodermic needles shall, in addition to any other penalties, be barred from entry into any racetrack in Iowa and any occupational license the person holds shall be revoked.

Section History: Recent form

88 Acts, ch 1137, § 13; 92 Acts, ch 1203, §11; 94 Acts, ch 1100, §5

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