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99B.8 Annual game night.

1. Games of skill, games of chance, card games and raffles lawfully may be conducted during a period of twelve consecutive hours once each year by any person. The games or raffles may be conducted at any location except one for which a license is required pursuant to section 99B.3 or section 99B.5, but only if all of the following are complied with:

a. The sponsor of the event has been issued a license pursuant to subsection 3 and prominently displays that license on the premises covered by the license.

b. A bona fide social or employment relationship exists between the sponsor and all of the participants.

c. No participant pays any consideration of any nature, either directly or indirectly, to participate in the games or raffles.

d. All money or other items wagered are provided to the participant free by the sponsor.

e. The person conducting the game or raffle receives no consideration, either directly or indirectly, other than good will.

f. During the entire time activities permitted by this section are being engaged in, no other gambling is engaged in at the same location.

2. The other provisions of this section notwithstanding, if the games or raffles are conducted by a qualified organization also licensed under section 99B.7, the sponsor may charge an entrance fee or a fee to participate in the games or raffles, and participants may wager their own funds and pay an entrance or other fee for participation, provided that a participant may not expend more than a total of fifty dollars for all fees and wagers. The provisions of section 99B.7, subsection 3, paragraphs "b" and "c", shall apply to games and raffles conducted by a qualified organization pursuant to this section.

3. The department of inspections and appeals may issue a license pursuant to this section only once during a calendar year to any one person. The license may be issued only upon submission to the department of an application and a license fee of twenty-five dollars.

4. However, an organization may sponsor one or more game nights using play money for participation by students without the organization obtaining a license otherwise required by this section if the organization obtains prior approval for the game night from the board of directors of the accredited public school or the authorities in charge of the nonpublic school accredited by the state board of education for whose students the game night is to be held.

5. However, notwithstanding subsection 1, paragraphs "b" and "c", if the games or raffles are conducted by a qualified organization issued a license pursuant to subsection 3, the sponsor may charge an entrance fee to a participant and the sponsor need not have a bona fide social relationship with the participant.

Section History: Early form

[C77, 79, 81, § 99B.8]

Section History: Recent form

86 Acts, ch 1201, § 10; 87 Acts, ch 184, § 7, 8; 92 Acts, ch 1203, §1

Internal References

Referred to in § 99B.7, 99B.9, 99B.12

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