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909.10 Collection of delinquent amounts by the court.

1. As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires, "delinquent amounts" means a fine, court-imposed court costs in a criminal proceeding, or criminal surcharge imposed pursuant to section 911.2, which remains unpaid after two years from the date that the fine, court costs, or surcharge was imposed, and which is not collected by the county attorney pursuant to section 602.8107. However, if the fine may be paid in installments pursuant to section 909.3, the fine is not a delinquent amount unless the installment remains unpaid after two years from the date the installment was due.

2. Notwithstanding the disposition sections of sections 602.8106 and 602.8108, subsection 3, upon the collection of delinquent amounts, the clerks of the district court shall remit the delinquent amounts to the treasurer of state for deposit into the revolving fund established pursuant to section 602.1302, to be used for the payment of jury and witness fees and mileage.

Section History: Recent form

93 Acts, ch 110, §16; 93 Acts, ch 171, §22; 96 Acts, ch 1034, § 66


For provisions concerning deposits of certain court revenues in the enhanced court collections fund, see § 602.1304

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