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905.12 Surrender of earnings.

When committing a person to a residential treatment center operated by a judicial district department of correctional services, the court shall order the person to surrender to the district department their total earnings less payroll deductions required by law. The court shall establish the person's legal obligations by order and the district department shall deduct from the earnings to satisfy the court order in the following order of priority:

1. An amount the resident may be legally obligated to pay for the support of dependents, which shall be paid to the dependents directly or through the department of human services in the county in which the dependents reside. For the purpose of this subsection, "legally obligated" means under a court order.

2. Restitution ordered by the court under chapter 910.

3. An amount determined to be the cost to the judicial district department of correctional services for food, lodging, and other expenses incurred by or on behalf of the resident.

4. Any other financial obligations which are admitted to by the resident or any judgment granted by the court to another person to whom the resident owes money, but no earnings of a resident are subject to garnishment while the person is committed to the center.

Any balance remaining after deductions and payments shall be credited to the resident's personal account at the district department and shall be paid to the resident upon release. The deputy director of the department of corrections responsible for community-based correctional programs shall establish a plan to comply with the provisions of court orders entered pursuant to this section.

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84 Acts, ch 1029, § 1; 88 Acts, ch 1160, §2; 94 Acts, ch 1142, §13

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