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904.107 Director---appointment and qualifications.

The chief administrative officer for the department is the director. The director shall be appointed by the governor subject to confirmation by the senate and shall serve at the pleasure of the governor. The director shall be qualified in reformatory and prison management, knowledgeable in community-based corrections, and shall possess administrative ability. The director shall also have experience in the field of criminology and discipline and in the supervision of inmates in corrective penal institutions. The director shall not be selected on the basis of political affiliation, and while employed as the director, shall not be a member of a political committee, participate in a political campaign, be a candidate for a partisan elective office, and shall not contribute to a political campaign fund, except that the director may designate on the checkoff portion of the state or federal income tax return, or both, a party or parties to which a contribution is made pursuant to the checkoff. The director shall not hold any other office under the laws of the United States or of this or any state or hold any position for profit and shall devote full time to the duties of office.

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