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89A.18 Civil penalty.

If upon notice and hearing the commissioner determines that an owner has operated a facility after an order of the commissioner that suspends, revokes, or refuses to issue an operating permit for the facility has become final under section 89A.10, subsection 2, the commissioner may assess a civil penalty against the owner in an amount not exceeding five hundred dollars, as determined by the commissioner. An order assessing a civil penalty is subject to appeal and judicial review under section 89A.10, subsection 2, in the same manner and to the same extent as decisions referred to in that subsection. The commissioner may commence an action in the district court to enforce payment of the civil penalty. No record of assessment against or payment of a civil penalty by any person for a violation of this section shall be admissible as evidence in any court in any civil action. Revenue from the penalty provided in this section shall be remitted to the treasurer of state for deposit in the state general fund.

Section History: Early form

[82 Acts, ch 1077, § 2]

Section History: Recent form

C87, § 89A.18

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